How do I know if my existing health plan qualifies for the benefit?

Already have health coverage? Great work! Follow these steps to see if your existing health plan qualifies for your employer’s new benefit policy.

Note: If the policy is in your name and it meets ACA requirements, then it likely does.

Have an existing individual health plan on a state-based or federal marketplace?

Then your plan is ACA-compliant and a qualified health plan for the ICHRA reimbursement dollars. What do you do now?

  1. Login to your StretchDollar Benefits Portal and upload the invoice.
  2. Your employer will be alerted. Once reviewed and approved, your benefit dollars will be sent directly to the bank account you designated within 2 to 7 days.

Have an existing individual health plan that was NOT purchased on a state-based or federal marketplace?

We'll need to make sure it's ACA-compliant. Send an email to with your most recent health insurance premium invoice attached.

Can't find your premium invoice?

Try looking for an invoice inside your insurance provider's portal. You can also call your insurance provider and request a new invoice.

What insurance plans will not qualify for benefits?

  • Someone else's group health plan. You cannot use your benefit reimbursement for a spouse's group health plan provided by their employer, even if you are on that plan. The benefit is only available to a health plan you purchase and own. In this case, you have two options:

    1) Waive the benefit and remain on your spouse's plan or

    2) Unenroll from your spouse's plan and enroll in a health plan for yourself

  • An association plan. The pre-tax health benefit is only available to ACA-compliant health insurance plans. Health-sharing plans or other non-insurance plans do not legally qualify for your employer’s health benefit.  
  • Any plan with premiums (partially or fully) covered by government tax credits. Your premium payments cannot legally be paid for by both your employer’s health benefit and government tax credits. 

Why do some health policies qualify while others do not?

Your employer’s benefit allows you to use tax-free dollars toward premiums for any ACA-compliant plan. If you purchased your plan on a state or national health exchange, your plan should qualify. (Non-ACA-compliant plans are not legally eligible for the benefit.)

Need help exploring your options?

Reach out to our team of licensed brokers can help you identify the best health plan for your needs.

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