I’m on my spouse’s plan but I want to switch to StretchDollar. What should I do?

If you are currently on your spouse’s plan and wish to switch and take advantage of your employer’s StretchDollar premium health benefit, just follow these steps. Note: The order is important in that it ensures there won’t be any lapse in coverage.

  1. Enter the StretchDollar platform and “accept” the benefit. Don’t forget to link your bank account.
  2. Start shopping for a health plan. (You should have a link in your Welcome Email.)
    1. IMPORTANT: Make sure to choose a start date that coincides with the date that your spouse intends to remove you from the health plan.
    2. You must pay the first month’s premium for your new health plan for it to be confirmed. This may mean that you’re paying for a future month. Just remember, you will receive a premium reimbursement!
  3. Have your spouse notify their benefits admin to remove you from the existing plan prior to your new plan's start date (Ex. if your new coverage is effective on January 1st, let your spouse’s benefits admin know in December of the change.) This process may take several days or weeks, so be sure to plan in advance.

From here, all you need to do is upload your monthly premium invoice to your StretchDollar Benefits Portal.

Have any questions? Contact your StretchDollar at support@stretchdollar.com.

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