What are Auto-Premium Reimbursements? How do I enroll?

Auto-Reimbursements simplifies health benefits — ensuring employees get their benefit dollars (premium reimbursements) deposited into their bank accounts the first business day of each month, like clockwork. Just a few simple enrollment steps and voila!

How does enrollment work?

Signing up is a breeze! 

  • Log in to the StretchDollar Benefits Portal and click "Auto-Reimbursement" in the left-side menu. (#1 in image below.) 

For admins that are also employees, make sure you’re in the Employee View.

  • Click “set up auto-reimbursement” in the right corner (#2)
  • Upload your health plan premium invoice and confirm two things (#3): 
    • 1) You're enrolled in a 12-month qualifying health insurance plan and are not accepting premium tax credits, and 
    • 2) If you switch or cancel your health plan you’ll contact StretchDollar at support@stretchdollar.com

Note: Funds are drawn from the business bank account on the 25th of the month for distributions on the 1st. If you enroll after the 25th, your automatic reimbursements will start on the 1st of the second following month (around 35 days later). For example, if you enroll on Feb 26, you'll need to submit a one-time reimbursement for March, as your automatic reimbursements will start around April 1.

Your admin will receive an email alert to review the enrollment application. Once approved, just kick back and relax knowing your premium benefit dollars will be deposited into your bank account the first business day of each month.

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