How to Get Started with StretchDollar (Admin)

Guide for Administrators

Congrats on confirming your health benefits plan with StretchDollar! We’re so excited to have you onboard! You’re one big leap closer to offering flexible, affordable health benefits to your employees. 

Now, let’s go over some next steps to get you set up in the Benefits Portal so you can start sending those dollars to your team.

Getting started in the Benefits Portal

Now that you've finalized your benefits plan, expect a Welcome Email from StretchDollar. The email includes an invitation to access your Benefits Portal as an admin, along with some valuable tips. 

Missing the email or has your link expired? Reach out to the support team at and we can help.

Tips for rapid onboarding

You’ll need a couple items to set up your account. To make onboarding go swiftly, best to have these pieces ready before you start:

  • Driver's license photo for the Owner — Why? You’ll need it to confirm the owner's identity.
  • Potentially, proof of the business address such as a lease or utility statement.
  • If you have Beneficial Owners, you'll be asked to provide their social security number, date of birth, and address, in addition to a photo of their driver's license.

Set up your Benefits Portal admin account in 5 steps

#1 Sign up!

To set up your account, click the link in your Welcome Email to navigate to the employer sign up form. Can't find your Welcome Email? Check your spam folder. As an added layer of security, we will send you a verification email. Rest assured, this is just a one-time step to ensure the safety of your account.

Heads up! You will also receive operational emails from Dwolla. Dwolla is our awesome payment processing partner that ensures secure and reliable money transfers.

#2 Set up your account.

You must complete all four sections (a "done" check mark should appear) and add your bank account before entering your employees.

  • Provide your business address
    • Two tips: 
      • Make sure to use your registered business address and not a virtual one or a P.O. Box. (Click here for details.)
      • If you're still having issues or unsure of the accurate address, use your admin's residential address.

  • Verify your business and admin info. Two tips: 
      • If your industry isn’t listed, please select the industry that is closest to yours. 
      • Have your EIN letter ready. You may need to upload either a screenshot or PDF.

  • Add all beneficial owners (those holding over 25% ownership) and verify their details. If you are both an owner and enrolling in StretchDollar, you'll need to submit information for both administrative verification and as a beneficial owner. Note: Each beneficial owner is required to upload a driver's license photo.

  • Once all information is uploaded, your account will be reviewed by our payment processing partner. If no additional information is needed, your portal will be marked as reviewed and verified. 

#3 Add your business bank account.

This is the bank account the premium reimbursement dollars will transfer from. If your bank isn't listed in the integration screen when connecting your bank, click here to find out how to manually link your account. You’ll receive an email that confirms your account was successfully added. 

#4 Add your employees.

Select "Add Employees" in the left navigation (#1) then "add employee" (#2). You’ll need enter the following information when adding team members:

  • Employee First and Last Name
  • Employee Email
  • Employment Start Date*
  • Employment Status (such as Full-time, Part-time, etc.) 
  • Reimbursement allowance
  • Role (Admin or Employee)

*The start date is required to ensure that the correct waiting period you selected is applied for each employee entered.

Once you click the Save & Invite button, your employee will receive an invite to the StretchDollar Benefits Portal as well as a Welcome email.

#5 Give yourself a high five! Your enrollment is done.

Once your team is entered and saved in the portal, they will receive an email inviting them to get set up on the Benefits Portal. We’ll take it from here.

What happens next?

Your employees are given the baton to either "accept", "waive", or "learn more" about their StretchDollar health benefits. If they choose to accept, we'll guide them through the process of setting up their benefits portal and can help them find a health plan that works for them.

Interested in setting up a Kick Off meeting for the entire team? Email! We'll work out a convenient time and throw in free lunch!

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