How much time will it take for my employees to get set up?

The process could take less than 15 minutes or a couple of hours if they need extra guidance on choosing a health plan.

There are just two main parts to employee setup and enrollment. Employees will:

  1. Log into the StretchDollar Benefits Portal and accept or waive the StretchDollar health benefit.
  2. For those who accept the benefit, there next step will be to enroll in an individual health insurance plan. (Employees who waive are all done!)

Part 1

This step should take just a few minutes. Your employee will:

  • Log in and immediately set a password for the Benefits Portal.
  • Accept or waive their benefit in the portal.
  • Confirm their contact information.
  • If the benefit is accepted, add a bank account where they would like the monthly benefit deposited.

Part 2

Choosing a plan varies in time depending on the employee's needs. If they have a clear idea of what they want, it could take less than 15 minutes. However, for those who wish to consult with one of our licensed brokers for guidance, the process might take an hour or two.

Check out our Get Started guide for employees and learn more about their setup.

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