Can I participate in the StretchDollar health benefit and get a premium tax credit?

No. You can choose to either enroll in StretchDollar health benefits or accept the premium tax credit. You cannot accept both. 

You cannot claim the premium tax credit for individual marketplace coverage for any month you are covered by StretchDollar benefits. Also, you may not claim the premium tax credit for the coverage of any family members for any month they are covered by StretchDollar benefits. The amount of premium tax credit (also called premium subsidy) is based on where the person lives, as well as household income and household size.

How do I know if I'm eligible for a premium tax credit?

Check out this calculator to help estimate how much of a premium tax credit you may be eligible for if you choose to accept it instead of StretchDollar benefits. 

A StretchDollar licensed broker can help guide you if you  have questions about this process.

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