Can I contribute a different amount to employees with families?

Yes! You can choose to contribute a different benefit amount to employees with families. We call this family scaling since the cost of health care coverage increases with each person added. The decision to provide different benefit amounts for employees and employees with families ultimately depends on what you think is most fair and what you can afford. Every business is unique.

If you decide to scale your StretchDollar benefits based on your employees' family size, you can choose to split your benefit offering into four different groups:

  • Employee only - all of your employees. This is the most straightforward approach and the most common one we see among our customers.
  • Employee + spouse - your married employees who will be including their spouse on their coverage
  • Employee + children - this designation is typically used for single parents or parents who purchase insurance for their children (if a spouse is covered elsewhere)
  • Entire family - this is for the whole kit and caboodle (employee, spouse, and children)

We’ve created this nifty guide to help you with the decision-making process: How to Choose a Benefits Budget for Your StretchDollar Policy.

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